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Mustang Referee Association
Recommended Uniform and Equipment Items

This guide is intended to describe the different options referees have when purchasing uniforms and equipment to serve as a referee for the Mustang Soccer League and other US Soccer Federation leagues around the country.

The document helps new referees understand the uniform requirements and gives experienced referees some information on how to upgrade and enhance their existing uniform and equipment. It is important that a referee projects a professional image from the moment he or she arrives at the field until their departure following the game.

A three-person crew of referees who are working a game together should all be dressed identically to further reinforce the team image. The referees should wear the same items because a team of referees who are properly and smartly dressed command respect.

There are a number of local suppliers of the referee items shown below: 

Soccer Pro

6635 Dublin Blvd

Dublin, Ca


Evolution Soccer & Sport

1539 Locust Street 

Walnut Creek , Ca


Soccer Pro has an Official Sport Referee Kit that is $64.99 but please keep in mind prices are subject to change. For a discount, please let the cashier know you are with Mustang. The Kit includes: Jersey, Short, Sock, Flags, and Accessory Kit (Whistle, lanyard, red/yellow card wallet, score pad, and velcro patch for the back of their badge). 


Provident Logo

NorCal Premier





US Club Soccer