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Mustang Soccer Youth Coaching Program (YCP)


Since 2012, Mustang Soccer has offered a Youth Coach Program.  The program allows mature teen youths to further develop leadership qualities thru coaching Mustang Recreational teams.  With training and oversight from Staff Coaches, Board Directors, and Parent Volunteers, Youth Coaches have been able to develop valuable personal character attributes within our youth players.


Mustang Youth Coaches are typically High School age students (Juniors and Seniors). They must be 16 years or older and possess a valid driver’s license.  Parental consent is required for program knowledge and support. Youth Coaches work in tandem (2 or 3) per team.  Team assignment priority is given to returning Youth Coaches and Seniors.  Open communication is encouraged during the selection and assignment process.  Youth Coaches are NOT required to have specific soccer experience. However, knowledge of the sport is helpful

Expectations of a Youth Coach

Manage/Coach Recreational Mustang Teams.  

Season Duration: August-November

Training Sessions: Offered to all interested Youth Coaches. 

Commitment: Attend and coach all practices and games for an entire season. 

Role of Volunteer: Approximately 55-65 hours a season.

  • 40 hours for practices

  • 4 months x 8 practices x 1.25 hours per practice (pred and clean-up)

  • 20 hours for games

  • 10-14 games x 2 hrs. per game (warm-up, game and clean-up)* ONE (1) Adult Parent must be present at every team function (practice,game, etc.)  Requirement is for the safety of players and Youth Coaches.

Youth Coaches are expected to practice ‘PCA’ habits as related to game management (play time, scoring margin), parent interaction and behavior.

Youth Coach Role spans across our community, YC’s must be always be mindful of players’ and parents’.

Youth Coaches are NOT required to deal with challenging issues. Should a situation arise, the Youth Coach will direct any issues to the Youth Coach Director.

Youth Coaches will receive Coach’s gear - T-shirt, 3 game balls, and cones for running their practices.

Experience can and has been used towards college applications.


Mustang will host trainings throughout the year at no cost:

  • June/July: Training Activities related to practice, game management, team management (players and parents).

  • August: Final pre-season prep.

  • Games begin in September.

  • October: Check-in with tweaks or adjustments and preparation for year-end team party.

  • November: Youth Coaches recognition at Mustang’s Annual General Meeting.


Recreational Boys Director: Roy Nicholson

Recreational Girls Director: Tripp McNutt 

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