Mustang Soccer Parent Referee Training (Grade 9 Course)

This 3-4 hour online course is for Mustang parents who would like to become "Mustang" certified. This will allow you to referee your child's match in the instance where there are no referees.

- REC: We generally provide referees for Rec U14-U19. Parent referees are utilized for Rec U8-U12.

- REC PLUS: We generally provide referees for Rec Plus U10-U14, but in the event that no referees are available, parent referees are utilized.

Here is the link to the recording:

Here is the link to the material used in the recording:

Here is the link to the rules:

NOTE: I made some changes to the rules since the recording. All the changes are highlighted in yellow. We tried to make Rec/Rec Plus more consistent with COMP so players who would like to move up will already know the rules.

Build Out Line:

NOTE: This is a decent video that explains the build out line. Disregard the reference to no punting. We allow punting.

Uniforms: I have secured uniforms, whistles, and Mustang Referee badges for you. These should all be available with Ines in the snack shack. If she doesnt have anymore at your size, contact me and I will order for you.

Justin Yarkin
Mustang Referee Director

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