Competitive Elite & Premier Field Request Procedure


1. To reserve space for games, practices, camps, scrimmages or the MSC Conference Room please contact stating what team/age/division you are, what the request is for, the field name (ex. MSC has an Upper and Lower field), the time you would like to reserve and whether referees will be needed (for scrimmages).

  • For games: please include what type of game you are scheduling i.e. State Cup, spring league or regular season game reschedules.
  • For practices or camps: please state whether this is for a practice or camp including the field name, the time you would like to reserve, and the start and end date.
  • NOTE: please be sure to look at the schedule for the entire date range you are requesting as there are some days when time slots have already been filled up and you would need to request a different day/time.  Be advised that field space is limited and in very high demand.  All requests will be considered based on Mustang Soccer League’s policies and priorities for field space during the time of the request.

2. You will have a response to your request within 72 hours, unless otherwise noted or during the weekend.

3. All coaches are required to clean up the fields and put goals and equipment away after usage. The town of Danville has informed Mustang Soccer that there will be a fine of $125 each time the fields are left in disarray, which will come out of the team budget.

4. Please do not practice or play on any fields without confirmation from the Field Reservation Coordinator.  Danville is fining team’s $150 each time they are on a field without the consent of the town; this will also come out of the team budget.

5. Please notify Michaela at when any practice is cancelled or not in further use so that the training schedule stays accurate and up to date with availability.



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