Draft Day Procedures



Useful Materials

  • 2’ x 3’ or larger poster board or pad or chalk board divided into grids.
  • Marking pens or chalk
  • Blank forms for filling in players’ names (and tournaments drafted, if done at the same meeting)


Pre-Draft Procedures

       1.  Confirm data from D3 Tryout Registration lists as well as check-in sheets (esp. walk-ons / write-ins) for accuracy.  Verify through Mustang office or D3 Director, if uncertain.

  • OOA’s (Out Of Area players) for address and contact info.  Know the number allowed for your age group.
  • Birthdates of players must match the age group range.  If variance, contact Mustang office or D3 Director for instruction.

       2.  Spread each pair of Coach / Assistant Coach around to a different part of the room.

  •  Two draft participants are allowed per team, unless exception is agreed upon unanimously.


Slotting Procedures


        3.  Coach and assistant coaches’ children are entered on the grid in their rated rounds.


        The procedure for placing the coaches’ children in the draft is as follows:


        The players are rated A, B, or C. 

  • An "A" player is one of the best players in D3.
  • A "B" player is an average D3 player.
  • A "C" player is one that is a borderline D3 player.


        Coaches’ children are then placed as follows:

  • For U9-11 (teams w/ 12 players)    A=3rd  B=7th  C=11th
  • For U12+  (teams w/ 15+ players)  A=3rd  B=8th  C=13th


        If both coaches’ children are A players, then one would go in the 3rd round, the other in the 4th round (also with two B or C players).  Note: Same process applies to siblings that are ranked at the same level.


        4.  In the event of a "Protection" year (see note below), coaches shall submit a written list of protected players, in order, to the draft official. 

  • Note:  Even year teams (U10, U12, U14 & U16) are allowed to protect 2/3 (rounded to the nearest whole number) of the previous year’s roster.
  • Note:  Coaches’ children, having already been rated and slotted above, per step 3, are included in the 2/3 allowance for protection.           


        5.  The protected players’ names are entered on the grid in order, starting with the highest available slot. For all teams, this is the first round.

  • Note:  Any protected player who has been drafted by Mustang Division 1 has that slot returned to the coach for another selection during the draft.  The D1 player’s slot is considered to be "protected" and therefore counts toward the maximum allowed for protection.


        6.  Clarify sibling status (both on same team or not).  


Draft Procedures


        7.  All U9-U11 teams shall draft 12 players.  U12+ teams shall draft 15 to 18 players, as desired.  U19 teams may draft up to 22 players. 


        8.  Comments on players by coaches are not allowed during the draft, unless solicited by another coach.


        9.  Trading of players or draft slots are allowed at any time, up until the first coaches or draft official leave the draft site.


       10.  Substitution of a player not drafted for a drafted player or removal of a drafted player are allowed, up until the first coaches or draft official leave the draft site.


 Post-Draft Procedures


        11.  All non-drafted players must be divided among the coaches to have live, phone notification informing them that they have not been drafted and that they will be placed on a white division or white plus team, depending on their registration.


        12.  All non-drafted players should be called within 72 hours. You must keep trying to contact the parents. Leaving phone messages requesting a return call is acceptable.


        13.  For non drafted players, the coach must talk to a parent of the player, not to the players themselves. Teams may not be announced until ALL of the non-drafted players for the age group have been contacted.

        14.  Coaches who lose a player before the formation of White or White+ Division teams shall replace that player with a player who has participated in tryouts, in order to maintain the minimum number of players for that team. See the Guidelines

for further clarification.


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