Suggested Tryout Curriculum

Division 3 Tryout Curriculum

  1. Warm-up with or without a ball          5 minutes

  2. Stretch                                               10 minutes

  3. 1v1 playing                                        20 minutes

Set up two goals about 10 yards apart.  One player plays a ball across the player on the opposite side.  The players then play 1v1 until the ball goes out or one player scores.  It is important that players use dribbling skills and do not just shoot the ball as this is designed to truly show us a players 1v1 ability.

  1. 2v2 playing                                           20 minutes

Same as above except that players now come out two at a time.  This is to show 1v1 ability and passing ability.  Players should not just shoot the ball.

  1. 6v6  games                                           30 minutes

Players play a 6v6 game with full size goal.
This allows coaches to begin to see players ability on the bigger field.

    6. Have the players run three 50 yard sprints together to take a look at overall speed

This is the standard first tryout for all D1 teams.  For D3 teams with a shorter tryout time (60 minutes vs 90 minutes), the initial tryout may not allow time for the fifth activity.

At all callbacks, players will be asked to participate in a number of small sided games (including the 6 v 6 game if not able to be completed during the initial tryout).  These games are at the coaches discretion as coaches will determine what parts of the game they need to see.  If coaches would like a list of these games, please email Fred Wilson at in order to be given these games and the purpose of each.

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