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Mustang Soccer League Program Summary

Mustang offers players in the U10, U12, & U14 age groups a higher level of commitment and exposure to soccer within the Division 4 Recreational division. We call this level Rec Plus. Players, who want more soccer than the White Division usually affords, will opt for the Rec Plus program. There are no tryouts. Any player, regardless of ability, who is willing to make the additional financial and time commitment, is encouraged to sign up for Rec Plus. The season begins early in August and includes tournaments and games on both Saturday and Sunday most weekends. There is an additional fee of $250 to pay for the trainers and tournaments.

U10 & U12 & U14 Rec Plus teams will be assigned a trainer - once a week (as second weekly practice) beginning 1st weekend in August for 13 weeks.

Fees: Every player must register online with the League ($250). The additional Rec Plus program fee of $250 is collected by a separate online signup for the Rec Plus program. See instructions on the Mustang Rec Plus page.


For the U6 Pony (introductory) program - there are no practices during the week - just a warmup, scrimmage, snack on the weekend.

Fees: Every player must register online with the League: $100 for U6 - $250 all others. There is no additional program fee.

DIVISION 4 Rec (White) Plus Program for U10-U14


Outside of the formal team activities, it has become common for teams to begin light training immediately after the draft in May. Many teams participate in indoor soccer leagues from November through June. While these activities are optional, more and more, they are becoming a part of life for Division 3 players.

Fees: Every player must register online with the League ($250) and the additional Division 3 program fee of $141 will be collected by the Coach after team selection. In addition, fees for Training, Goalkeeper Training, Team Camps and Jamborees/Tournaments will incur and additional team fee of between $275 - $425 per player.

DIVISION 4 Copper for U17-U19

Recreational (Division 4) U17-U19 players are designated as the Copper Division. Players in this age group may go through an on-field evaluation. All players will be placed on a team. The teams, formed by a draft, compete with teams outside the League.

Fees: Every player must register online with the League ($250). There is no additional program fee.

DIVISION 4 Recreational (White) for U6-U16

Division 4 Recreational White is by far the largest component of Mustang Soccer League with 80% of all players participating at this level. Division 4 Recreational soccer is age pure for children at U6, U7 and U8. Older age groups are formed at two-year intervals with teams at U10, U12, U14 and U16 (i.e., U10 includes U9 and U10 players). Division 4 does not draft its players. The youngest teams (U6-8) are formed based primarily on where the player lives and goes to school (school/zone code). Older age groups (U10-U16) are balanced by school/zone code, olders & youngers and player rating from last season’s coach. The season for Division 4 Recreational U7-U16 soccer starts in mid-August and includes 2 weekly practices and 10 games, with games being played on Saturdays and Sundays. The season ends with the Dick King playoffs for U10-16, usually beginning in the 1st weekend of November. 


Please read carefully the following description of the various levels of play offered by Mustang Soccer. The commitment required in both time and money for Divisions 1 and 3 is not for everyone.

DIVISION 1 Gold and Silver for U11-19

Representing the highest competitive level within Mustang Soccer, Division 1 (Gold and Silver) players are typically very committed to soccer and participate in a program that encourages nearly year-round training. Coaching is provided by paid soccer professionals. Tryouts are extremely competitive. Division 1 teams tend to travel widely to both games and tournaments to find appropriate competition. Parents can expect to incur significant additional expense for training, equipment, uniforms, tournament fees, etc. These costs can range from $1,400 (U11-U13)  - $1600 (U14-U18) per player per year. Travel to games and tournaments is additional.

Fees: Every player must register online with the League ($250) and the additional Division 1 program fee of $270 will be collected by the coach after team selection. For 2010, a volunteer fee of $100 will be collected per family.

DIVISION 1 Gold and Silver for U9-U10

Represents Mustang’s highest level of play and training for this age group and is for players with above average ability. Emphasis is on developing soccer skills and enjoyment of the game, which will be the foundation for future soccer success. Tryouts are fun and instructional.

Coaching and training is provided by experienced soccer professionals. At this age the players do complete in Tournaments and NorCal  State Cup. Their season is shorter and has less travel and expense than the older age groups. Players will participate in local Tournaments as well as travel to tournaments. Additional costs for training, equipment, and Tournament fees could be around $1,250. Uniforms are extra.

Fees: Every player must register online with the League ($250) and the additional Division 1 program fee of $270 will be collected by the Coach after team selection.  For 2010, a volunteer fee of $100 will be collected per family.

DIVISION 3 Bronze for U9-U19

Division 3 Bronze (previously Red) is a competitive level where coaches select teams in a draft following tryouts in which any interested player may participate. The goal of Division 3 is both competition and player development. Division 3 players can expect a significant commitment of time, particularly in the period from July through early November. Division 3 is commonly referred to as “Traveling House” because competition includes games played outside the League in addition to regular League games. Division 3 teams play a substantially greater number of games than their White Division (Division 4) counterparts and practice 2 to 3 times per week. Division 3 teams have additional expenses for team camps, tournaments and/or training. Practice and informal team activities may begin after teams are formed, with most teams beginning practice in June. Teams may attend a camp in July. August weekends are designated as tournament weekends by CYSA. Attendance at August tournaments is required.

During the month of September and October teams typically play both Saturdays and Sundays. Post-season tournaments are held in November, December and January in the younger age groups (through U14, older age groups may play through March) and many teams participate. Parents can expect to spend from $400 to $550 in additional team fees for training, equipment, tournament fees, etc. Travel to games and tournaments is at an additional cost.

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