Division 3 Guidelines

2014 Division 3 Guidelines


 1. All potential Division 3 players (including coachs’ children) must participate in the Division 3 tryouts to be eligible for the Division 3 draft.  All players must fit the Age Matrix, by birthdate.  All Division 3 coaches in the age group, the Division 3 Director, as well as the President or Vice President of the Mustang BOD (in the case of age related, "play-up" requests) must approve any exceptions.

 2. Minimum number of players:  All U12-U16 teams must draft at least 15 players. U9-U11 must draft at least 11 players. (U9-U11 teams will play 8 v 8 soccer.) It is recommended that U16 and older teams draft 17 or 18 players.

 3. Addition of players after the draft is completed (move-in and late players): If any drafted player is lost prior to the formation of Division 4 teams in June and July, resulting in the team falling below the minimum number of players, he or she shall be replaced within 14 days by a player who participated in tryouts or a new player selected under criteria A or B below:


  • A) A team, which has permanently lost (removed from CYSA or US Club roster) two or more of its players and has not replaced those players, will have first option on a new player.
  • B) A team which has permanently lost (removed from CYSA or US Club roster) a player selected in rounds 1 through 3 of the draft will have the next priority in adding the new player.
  • C) If the new player is not selected under A or B and at least 50% of the coaches in the age group and the Division 3 Director agree that the new player should be eligible to play in Division 3, the teams will draw lots to determine which team will receive the new player. The winning team will be excluded from future draws.
  • D) If more than one team qualified under A or B, the team losing the highest cumulative draft pick players will have priority. The Divison 3 Director will rule on any disputes regarding this matter. Team rosters cannot exceed 14 players for U9-10, 18 players for U11-15,  22 players for U16+.

 4. Player trades between divisions may occur (Div. 1 to Div. 3 or Div. 4 to Div. 3), but may not be discussed with player or parents until both coaches have approved the trade. All traded players must have participated in Division 3 tryouts. Trades between Division  3 teams can only be done the night of the draft, unless approved by the Division 3 Director.

 5. Assistant coaches must be selected prior to the Division 3 tryouts or within 7 days of a coach’s notification of appointment, whichever comes later. Only one official assistant per team will be recognized as eligible to attend the draft and have their child placed in the draft list.

 6. No more than two representatives, one of which must be the coach or assistant coach, per team will be allowed to attend the draft. Division 1 coaches may attend the draft but cannot assist any coach.

 7. Prior to slotting protected players in the draft , the Division 3 coach’s and assistant coach’s children will be placed, based on their ranking, in one of the rounds of the draft. Any relative of the coach or assistant coach may be counted as his or her child. Rankings: Players are to be ranked A, B, or C by mutual agreement of the coaches or by a neutral party. A Players are strong players, the best in the Division and are placed in the 3rd round of the draft. B players are average players and are placed in the 8th (U9 - U11: 7th round) round. C players are weak for the Division and are placed in the 13th (U9-U11: 11th round) round.

 8. When brothers or sisters are in the same age group, they must be ranked. The coach drafting the first one has the option, at that time, to take the other in their respective ranked round. If the option is not exercised, the brother or sister of the drafted player will be treated as any other player and not automatically go to the same team. Exception: Parents may require that siblings play on the same team.

 9. The starting position of the draft will be based on a draw of numbers by coaches

10. Tournament picks are done in two-year sets (U9 & 10, U11 & 12, U13 & 14, U15 & 16). Picks will be the inverse of the draft, with preference given to the older teams in the age group. The older team with the lowest player draft pick will have the first tournament pick. From there it will proceed through the older teams to the younger team with the lowest player draft pick selecting first among younger teams. The selection of tournaments will continue from there until all teams have selected and will continue from that point in a serpentine manner. At least one Mustang team must apply to each age group in the Devil Mountain Tournament.  CYSA tournaments shall have one team represented per age group, US Club tournaments shall have two.

11. Prior to the draft, no one is allowed to call the players or parents to ask questions. One coach in each age group may be designated to call the parents of returning Division 3 players and top rated Division 4 players who have not signed up for tryouts to invite those players to try out. Coaches may call players they have coached the prior year.

12. Division 3 coaches may run an additional tryout (call back). They will agree on a call back date and make the necessary arrangements with the Division 3 Director.

13. In even numbered age groups, (U10, U12, U14, U16) the returning Division 3 or Division 4 coaches within each age group may protect up to 2/3 players of the players (rounded to the nearest whole number) from their previous year’s roster, (which shall include their own and assistant coach’s child). They do not have to protect that number. A protected player must have played for the team in the immediate prior year (this excludes the children of the coach and 1 assistant) during the regular season (prior to Association or State Cup). There are no exceptions.

All players that are protected on the team must be ranked in order by the coach. This ranking of players must be submitted to the Board/Division 3 Committee member running the draft prior to the start of the draft. Each team’s first protected player will be slotted in the place of that team’s first round choice. The second player will be slotted in the place of that team’s second round choice, and so forth.

A coach may protect players lost to Mustang Division 1 (not Division 3). In the case of a loss of a protected player(s) due to selection to Mustang Division 1,  the team losing the player(s) will receive a draft selection in the round where the lost player was slotted according to the coach’s rankings mentioned above. Players lost to other club’s Division 1 teams may not be protected and are not compensated for.

In odd-numbered years, the coach’s child and the child of one assistant coach shall be evaluated and placed on that team in the appropriate draft position (A player, B player, C player).

Division 3 Coaches are prohibited from discussing the list of protected players, order of the draft, and player rankings with the players, families, coaches, or anyone else.

14. In the event that a coach does not return, a newly selected and approved coach may protect the players of the previous team as in Rule 13. In the event that two previous year’s coaches join to coach a single team in the following year, only the head coach will have the right to protect returning players. If a coach and assistant from the same prior year team split up and each become a head coach in the same age group, only the head coach from the prior year’s team will have the right to protect returning players.

15. Official practice for Division 3 teams may not begin until the week of August 1. Teams may meet and practice before this date, but such practices would be considered optional. Teams are allowed to schedule a week of team soccer camp during the month of July.

16. Required charges for program fees, tournament fees, camps and training may not exceed $600 per player ($525, U9 & U10). This does not include fees paid voluntarily for hotel rooms, team meals, parties, travel, and entertainment. Each Div. 3 team shall designate a treasurer other than the coach or asst. coach and submit a budget to the Division 3 Director if requested.

17. Violation of these guidelines may result in the coach being removed from Division 3 and forfeiture of games.

18. In the U15 and above age groups, if sufficient talent exists to form more than one team, the two teams may be formed sequentially (A/B). Exercise of this rule may be made with the approval of the Mustang Board of Directors.

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