Club Registration & Transfer Policy

Club Registration & Transfer Policy 05-10 (replaces Club Registration & Transfer Policy 04-02)  

Registration means a signed and paid application to become a member of the Club. Transfer means movement between CYSA rostered teams. 

Player Registration: In accordance with CYSA Bylaws 3:02:02 as amended February 2, 2003, beginning with seasonal year 2003-4 the Club may register players regardless of residence. The decision whether to accept a player from outside the Club’s area (as defined in Article II of the Club’s Constitution) remains a matter for the Club to decide. The following shall apply: 


Division 4 (Recreational and Rec Plus): No restrictions on registration.


Division 1 & 3 teams (D1 Gold, D1 Silver, and D3): Players from outside the Club’s area are limited as follows, noting that all outside players will be subject to review of Training Director and Head of House concerned, and should place in top 50% in tryouts. 


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