2014 - 2015 Girls D1 Training Program




Mustang Girls Training Program

Based on the feedback from changes made to the 2013/2014 girls training program, we have altered the camp and trainer format for the 2014/2015 year.  All teams except for the U15 - U18 ECNL teams will be participating in the program.  The training budget line item will be divided into two catagories.

Team Camp

Each team will do a team camp during the summer to help prepare them for the upcoming season.  The coach has an option to either do the camp themselves or have another coach within the club do the camp for them.  The camp will be based on the needs for the team for the upcoming season. The coach will still be responsible for running their regular training sessions for that week or add training sessions throughout the season to make up for any lost practice times.  The coach that is running the training camp will be compensated by the team treasurer once the camp has been completed.

Team Camp Fees

U9 - U11      5 days 1.5 hours          $500

U12 - U14    5 days 2 hours             $700

U15 - U18    5 days 2 hours             $800

Team Trainer

Each team will be assigned a trainer to work with his or her team throughout the season.  For the Gold teams, they will be assigned a trainer.  For the Silver teams the Gold coach of the age group will be working as the head trainer for the age group.  This will assure that all players in the age group will be avaluated during the course of the season. 

The trainer will either work side by side with the head coach in the age group during their normal training sessions or an extra day of training will be added throughout the year.  This will be decided by the head coach, age group coordinator or DOC.  By allowing the trainer to work with a head coach during their normal training session it will benefit the program in the following manner:

1.  To assist with coaching education

2.  Allows two coaches to work on different topics in the same training session

3.  Allows the head coach to have individual player evaluations as the trainer runs the training session

4.  Allows the head coach to have parent meetings if needed as the trainer runs the training session

Upon completion of the 5 training sessions the team treasurer will issue payment to the trainer.

U9 - U18      5 training sessions          $500


The U14 age group will not be allowed to use the trainer during the high school season to fulfill trainer obligations.  Once all players have returned from high school soccer the program can continue.

Please contact your Age Group Coordinator or Director of Coaching for any questions about the program.

Patrick Uriz - Girls Director of Coaching   matrixfutbol@sbcglobal.net

Cris Gilmore - U9 / U11 Age Group Coordinator   cris.gilmore@sbcglobal.net

Mike Kelley - U12 / U14 Age Group Coordinator  mikekelley1six@gmail.com

Carl Edwards - U15 / U18 Age Group Coordinator  edwards.coaching@yahoo.com

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