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Mustang Soccer League Boys U7/U8 Academy Program
U7/U8 Curriculum
Ball Mastery and 1v1 Dynamics
The U7/U8 Academy will be focusing on Stage 1 of Soccer Development, which is commonly referred to as Mastery of the Ball. In this stage, the players will be working on individual ball skills, using all parts of the foot to dribble the ball, and the beginning stages of juggling a soccer ball. As part of their Mastery of the Ball curriculum, we will focus on being dynamic and skillful when going 1v1 against an opponent. Our soccer focus will be when “we” have the ball (offense). There will be little emphasis on coaching when “they” have the ball (defense) with the main goal being to get the ball back.
The curriculum objective for our Play Dates will be to utilize individual skill in a team setting. Our main objective is ball mastery and individual skills. As the players improve these skills, they will be better able to make soccer decisions on the field. Games will be played in a 4v4 format / 5v5 format using the “New Ball” method whereby a new ball is added by coaches when the ball goes out or a goal is scored.

Tuesday Trainings: During Tuesday Trainings the coaching will focus on juggling, running with the ball, dribbling, moves, turns, scoring and juggling. We will also start our trainings with a psycho motor skills, coordination, and fun warm up both with and without the ball to prepare the players for the training activities.

Thursday Trainings: During Thursday Trainings the coaching will focus on, beating the defender, shielding the ball, dribbling into space (away from the defender), scoring and juggling. We will also start our trainings with a psycho motor skills, coordination, and fun warm up both with and without the ball to prepare the players for the training activities.


As part of our training curriculum, some of the girls will be playing Futsal on Mondays. This is a game played on a hard court wearing sneakers or flat soccer shoes with a smaller heavier ball. The game promotes technical ability and creativity while allowing players to explore their spatial awareness in a non-contact environment.
We will rotate groups each week. You will be informed via TeamSnap for when you daughter will be part of our Futsal program. On these days, they will need to bring flat shoes.

Play Date: Play Date objectives are coaching to incorporate Dribbling, being dynamic in the 1v1, and scoring with a little emphasis placed on passing to find an open player. We will teach a basic understanding of positions and roles. Strategy and tactics will be based on the individual and very basic in both offense and defense.


U8 Region ¾ U8 League

This year Region ¾ (Fremont to Concord and including the Danville Area) will begin a 5v5 U8 League. This will include Play Dates against other clubs in our local area. Region ¾ are finalizing the information for the league. Games for the League will be played on Saturdays against local clubs who also have U8 Programs. Teams will be formed on need by need basis with no set rosters. Teams will assemble to play scrimmages, Play dates, and the Nor Cal U8 League.


U7/U8 Program


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July 28






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Nor Cal U8 Region 3/4





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Mustang Philosophy:

The Mustang U7/U8 Program provides our players with excellent coaching and a patient, safe, and fun approach to learning the basic skills of the game of soccer. We start our soccer foundation dribbling and mastering the ball. The U7/U8 Program is designed to create a fun and professional environment that will motivate players to enjoy playing soccer, develop technical ability, love the game.

Coaching Staff:

Fred Wilson
Mustang Soccer League General Manager

Fred began coaching in Mustang Soccer League and now he is our General Manager and Boys Coaching Director. Along with coaching at Mustang, Fred Coached the Monte Vista High School Varsity Boys Soccer team.  He was the 2003 Mustang Soccer coach of the year, the 2003 CYSA District 3 coach of the year and the 2005 High School Coach of the year. Fred led our 2004 U14 Boys to a National Soccer Championship.


John Kinnear
Mustang Soccer League 2009/2010 Boys Academy Director

John began coaching in Mustang 16 years ago. He has coached and trained at all levels and almost all ages in Mustang. John was the Mustang Soccer League D1 Coach of the year in 2011. John coached Varsity Soccer at Washington High School in Fremont and was MVAL coach of the year 2002. Besides coaching soccer John has a Masters Degree in Education and is an English teacher in the Fremont area. He holds a NSCAA Director of Coaching Diploma and a NSCAA Advanced National Diploma.

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