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Mustang Soccer U7/U8 Academy


Information Night Meeting – July -Date TBA 6:00-7:00pm @ Mustang Soccer Complex


Hello and Welcome to the 2017 Mustang U7/U8 Academy,

Your player has been selected for the Mustang Academy for the 2017 Season. The Academy was started in 2006 to give our Under 8 players an opportunity to work with Mustang Staff coaches and Mustang Senior Players. The Academy curriculum is designed to give these players an introduction to ball mastery. We work very hard to help our Mustang players learn and have fun playing soccer.
Season Length
          Our season begins the last week of July. The Girls and Boys will have separate training days due to field space and player numbers. Girls will train on Monday and Wednesday. The Boys Academy will train on Tuesday and Thursday. Mike Hoffert will direct the Girls Academy and John Kinnear will direct the boys Academy. The season will run from late August and will end in November. Our last day will be the Friday before Thanksgiving Vacation.

Boys Academy will be scheduled at Sycamore Valley Elementary School Soccer Field #5 every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 4:00-5:30. This occurs unless fields are closed or the Academy needs to cancel that day.

Girls Academy will be every Monday, Wednesday, at Sycamore Valley Elementary School Turf Field and Friday at Mustang Soccer Complex from 4:00-5:30. This occurs unless fields are closed or the Academy cancels that day.

Academy Games

There will be games for all Academy players. Game days will be on Friday and/or Saturday. For the Academy, the Under 7 players will always have games every Friday. For the U8  players, they will play on Fridays or Saturdays. The U8 players will be in the Nor Cal Under 8 League and will have game Play Dates with other Tri-Valley clubs on Saturdays. If there are no Saturday Play Dates the Under 8 Players will play games on Friday. These Nor Cal play dates are for the Under 8 players only. Directors will provide more specific information for Academy Game days for Under 7 and Under 8 players.
          The players will be given an Academy Jersey and a soccer ball for the season. Please make sure your player has soccer shorts, socks, shin guards, & water for their trainings and games. We understand these are young players and we take strong precautions to excessive heat and cold on training days.
Player Groupings
          Staff will switch players around in groupings throughout the year. This is to make sure the Mustang players get to meet and play with all different players. Groupings could be made by age group, chronologically, alphabetically, friendships, etc. We also move players around groups every training due to numbers to even out our training groups for scrimmages.

Information Night

          For more information about the Academy Program please attend our information night on July -Date TBA-, from 6:00-7:00 at the Mustang Soccer Complex. Also included is our Parent and Player codes of conduct for you to familiarize yourselves with.

Thank you,

John Kinnear / Boys U7/U8 Academy Director

Mike Hoffert / Girls U7/U8 Academy Director


For Coaches, Parents & Players


Codes of Conduct

       All coaches, parents and players are expected to follow the MSL Codes of Conduct.  Coaches are required to inform players and parents of their Codes of Conduct.  Remember you represent yourself, the teams you coach, and MSL


   Coach’s Code:

  • Enthusiastically support and practice “everyone plays” and positive coaching philosophies.
  • Be reasonable in your demands on the young players’ time, energy, enthusiasm and their performance on the soccer field.
  • Impress on your players that they must abide by the rules of the game at all times.
  • Develop team respect for the ability of opponents, and for the judgment of referees and opposing coaches.
  • Ensure that your players’ soccer experience is one of fun and enjoyment (winning is only part of it).  Players should never be yelled at or ridiculed for any reason.
  • Set a good example and be generous with your praise when it is deserved.  Children need a coach they can respect.
  • Do not publicly question referee judgment and never their honesty.
  • Keep informed about “sound principles of coaching”; and “growth and development” principles relating to children.
  • Enlist the support of your team’s parents in your efforts to instill the proper attitudes and values in the players.  MUSTANG SOCCER coaches are responsible for the conduct of their sideline.
  • Check equipment that you use.  It should meet safety standards and be appropriate for the age and ability of your players.  Bring all safety issues concerning facilities to the attention of the appropriate authority.
  • Follow the advice of a physician when determining when an injured child is ready to play again.
  • Abide by the rules of all leagues and tournaments in which your team participates.
  • Communicate with parents on a regular basis in a clear and concise manner to convey season goals, game objectives and overall player objectives
  • Zero Tolerance for fraternization with members of Mustang Soccer

[Be a positive role-model whenever you are around any players].

[If you feel a situation is getting out of control find a field marshal or other official to observe or assess the game/situation.  Do not “take it into your own hands”.  Defuse, rather than inflate problems]


   Player’s Code:

  • Play soccer for the fun of it.
  • Play by the Rules.
  • Never argue with or complain about the referee calls or decisions.
  • Control your temper and most of all; resist the temptation to retaliate when you feel you have been wronged.
  • Concentrate on playing soccer and on affecting the outcome of the game with your best effort.  Work equally hard for your team as for yourself.
  • Be a good sport by cheering all good plays, whether it is your teams or your opponent’s.
  • Treat all players as you would like to be treated.
  • Remember that the goals of the game are to have fun, improve skills and feel good.  Don’t be a showoff and a ball-hog.

Remember to conduct yourself in a manner befitting someone representing themselves, their family, and the Mustang Soccer Club.


    Parents’ Code:

  • Do not force an unwilling child to participate in soccer.
  • Remember children are involved in organized sports for their enjoyment, not yours.
  • Teach your child to play by the rules.
  • Teach your child that hard work and an honest effort are often more important than a victory.
  • Help your child work toward skill improvement and good sportsmanship in every game.  Your child will then be a winner, even in defeat.
  • Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from youth sporting activities.
  • Set a good example.  Children learn best by example.  Do not yell at, ridicule or criticize your child or any other participant.
  • Applaud good plays by your team and by members of the opposing team.
  • Do not publicly question referee judgment and never their honesty.
  • Recognize the value and importance of volunteer coaches, referees and officials and give them their due respect; without them, there would by no Mustang Soccer Club.

[Be a positive role-model whenever you are around any players].

[Leave conflict resolution to the field marshals or officials]

********Parents who are unable to abide by the code of conduct will be subject to review by the player committee and the Mustang BOD.  Actions of said committees can be the suspension of parents from attendance at youth games if such action is deemed necessary.******************


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