ECNL/Elite Spring and Summer Schedule

    ECNL/Elite Girls Calendar





May - August 2020 Schedule




March 31st-May - 28: Juniors Spring Academy



April 25-26 2013-2011 Elite tryouts (In House only)



Note: Players from outside the club will not be able to attend


May 1- May 8th ECNL Invites per ECNL rules  



Note: ECNL only - Players from outside the club need their DOC's approval to participate


Players wanting to play on NPL teams need to be told to come to the May 11th and 12th tryouts

May 3rd U8-U10 Final tryouts with outside players



May 3rd U11-U12 ECNL/Elite Tryouts



May 4th U13-U14 ECNL/ Elite Tryouts



May 5th U11-U12 ECNL/Elite Callbacks



May 5th U13-U14 ECNL/Elite Tryouts



May 6th U11-U12 ECNL/ Elite Callbacks



May 7th U13-U14 ECNL/Elite Callbacks



May 8th Callbacks as needed



May 9th Callbacks as needed



May 11th U15-U19 Boys and Girls ECNL/ Elite Tryouts



May 12th U15-U19 Boys and Girls ECNL/ Elite Tryouts



May 16-17: 2019-2020 season likely concludes with games, including NPL Showcase


May 18th U15-U19 ECNL Elite Callbacks



May 19th U15-U19 ECNL/ Elite Callbacks



May - New team meetings with new Elite teams that have been formed.


Weeks of June 8 and 15: Training for ECNL teams heading to ECNL Regionals


June 20-21: NPL Qualifier weekend for 06, 07 and 08 Elite Teams


 (Any teams wanting to qualify for NPL status)



June 23 - June 30 ECNL Regionals (ECNL Teams that make the playoffs only)


Moratorium June 15-July 5



Note: Players from ECNL teams maybe training during this time - Please check with the


coach regarding training times



July 6th regular training resumes (Camps or Trainings)



Each team will have their own tournament schedule - schedules will be handed out


at the parent meetings in late May/early June



July 25-27: Surf Cup or Silverlakes for ECNL or Elite teams



Aug 1-3 Surf Cup youngers (Top Elite or Pre ECNL teams)



August 8-9 Mustang Stampede tournament U11-U16 Girls



August 29th - Dec – Norcal Fall league



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