Board Job Descriptions


  • Set a leadership tone which confers to all Board members the primary objective of Mustang Soccer, which is to provide opportunities for all children under age 19 and over age 5 in Mustang’s geographic area to play soccer in a safe environment.  Additionally, to make sure that the infrastructure of the Club allows all levels of soccer to be available - from recreational to highly competitive.
  • Chair monthly Board meetings - prepare agenda, clarify business, follow up if not clear where responsibility for action lies.
  • Chair Executive Committee.
  • Attend monthly District III meetings as member of DIII Board.  Assure appropriate follow up.
  • Represent Mustang as appropriate with Cysa North, Town of Danville, School District, Positive Coaching Alliance, etc.
  • Respond in a timely and appropriate manner to all emails and phone calls received directly from membership.
  • Troubleshoot issues between Board members, Club members and Board members, etc, if necessary.
  • Review budget proposals, contractor contracts, and operations of the Club on a regular basis.
  • Appoint Committees as appropriate.
  • Together with the Board, regularly review Mustang’s Goals Vision and Core Values and communicate this to the membership.  Periodically review goals and objectives with each director.  Publicize and update commitments for each playing division.
  • Assign tasks to Board members as required.

Vice President

  • Act in the absence of the President for any official club related activities.
  • Serve as the Chair of the Honor the Game Committee.
  • Serve, with the President and Treasurer, on the Executive Committee.
  • Serve as Board representative on the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) Committee.
  • Support any other committees as requested.
  • Assist in the future direction of the Club including planning and oversight.
  • Serve as the Chair of the Nike Committee and point of contact for our partnership.
  • Perform tasks as requested by the President.
  • Chair committee on major fields acquisition fund raising.
  • Attend monthly scheduled Board meetings and provide monthly Vice President Board report.


  • Provide Board with Treasurer Report on a monthly basis, including a variance report for each Board Director. (These are generated by our paid bookkeeper).
  • Provide Board with updated financial statements/budget on a quarterly basis.
  • Provide Board with a budget for the fiscal year (February 1 - January 31) at the January Board meeting.  Lead each Board Director in the creation of a budget.  Circulate draft budget by no later than December 20 for discussion and feedback from Board members.
  • Recommend Club fee structure to Board after receiving and reviewing individual budgets and reviewing overall financial plan for the Club.
  • Receive checks from bookkeeper on a bi-weekly basis.  Review attached invoices, sign checks, obtain second signature from other approved account signers, and mail checks.
  • Review financial statements on a monthly basis for revenue and/or expense reclassifications.  Work with the League’s general manager to make recommendations to bookkeeper in such matters.
  • Direct bookkeeper to follow up and collect NSF checks.
  • Work with Tournament Director and individual Tournament Committees to ensure money is provided for change drawers at each tournament location.  Work with Tournament Treasurers to ensure proper controls and procedures are in place to account for all cash and checks received at various tournament locations.
  • Work with bookkeeper to ensure that funds are available in the general checking account for the Club’s operating expenses.
  • Work with Competitive Elite Directors and Director of Coach and Player Development to prepare contracts for all coaches and trainers.  Sign the contracts.
  • Work with each Competitive Elite team treasurer to collect each team’s program fee and training payments in a timely manner.  All Program fees due and payable to Club May 15.  Team training payments:  50% of each team’s training fees due and payable to Club by May 15 with the remaining 50% due by August 1.
  • Work with Competitive Premier coaches to ensure each team remits its Competitive Premier Program Fees and training fees for U9 & U10 teams by no later than May 15.
  • Ensure that paid Competitive Elite coaches and trainers are paid their respective training fees based upon the respective contracts.
  • Establish a policy by which all financial aid requests will be considered and review all requests for financial assistance.  Work with Competitive Elite and Competitive Premier Directors to determine reasonableness of each request and approve, as necessary.  Work with Competitive Elite team treasurers to ensure that any financial awards are applied on each player’s behalf.
  • Work with Sportability to ensure that processing and merchant fees are billed as agreed to.
  • Serve with the President and Vice President as a member of the Executive Committee.
  • Attend monthly scheduled Board meetings and provide monthly Treasurer Board report.
Competitive Division Directors
  • In conjuction with Director of Coaches and Assistant Competitive Elite Directors - Boys and Girls (ADD1), review and oversee the Competitive Elite and Competitive Premier structure and program.
  • Oversee the annual Competitive Elite budget process and provide the Board with an annual budget for approval.  Review and oversee salary compensation, revenue and expenses.
  • Serve as an Ombudsman for coaches, families and players as necessary.
  • Approve the coaches list submitted by the appropriate directors of the Girls and Boys Competitive Elite program.
  • Select and manage coaches of the Competive Premier program.
  • Manage the Competitive Premier player draft.
  • Be available to handle any major conflict resolution.  The process should follow the league-wide issue resolution process or an appropriate alternative.
  • Oversight of the process to collect, analyze and manage feedback from parents and coaches.
  • Attend a cross-section of Competitive Elite and Competitive Premier tryouts, practices, games and league events for oversight.
  • Recruit and select the Devil Mountain Tournament Coordinator (Competitive Premier event).
  • Provide special orientation for new Competitive Premier coaches.
  • Attend monthly scheduled Board meeting and provide monthly Competitive Elite and Competitive Premier reports when appropriate.
  • Attend Competitive Elite coach meetings.

Recreational Director

  • Recruit and direct AGCs.
  • Update the AGC manual annually.
  • Update the Parent’s Handbook annually.
  • Assist in registration and registration issue resolution.
  • Recruit coaches and approve their appointments.
  • Assist in the formation of teams.
  • Resolve team formation issues.
  • Resolve coach/player/parent issues.
  • Assist in game and field scheduling.
  • Oversee the end-of-season playoffs.
  • Assists in selecting pins, badges and trophies for Recreational Division.
  • Take part in Good of the Game committee for Recreational Division issues.
  • Update Sportability and Mustang website as needed.
  • Attend Board, Coach, AGC and Tournament meetings.
  • Assist in practice field selection for Recreational Division coaches.
  • Assist in training program implementation for Recreational Division .
  • Provide program communication to Board, coaches, AGCs and parents.
  • Attend monthly scheduled Board meetings and provide monthly Board Director report.
  • Oversee Recreational Division budget.
  • Help distribute trophies at tournaments.

Recreational Plus Director

  • Oversee the Recreational Plus program.
  • Oversee the Recreational Plus tournaments.
  • Specify camps for Recreational Plus.
  • Attend monthly scheduled Board meetings and provide monthly Recreational Plus Director Board report.
  • Provide program communication to Board, coaches, AGCs and parents.
  • Recruit coaches and approve their appointments.
  • Assist in registration and registration issue resolution.
  • Resolve coach/player/parent issues.
  • Assist in game and field scheduling.
  • Assist in selecting pins, badges and trophies for Recreational Plus.

Equipment Director

  • Design and order Mustang patches and pins for the entire Club.
  • Responsible for uniforms (vendor selection and negotiation, forecasting, etc.)
  • Responsible for all equipment aspects of the Nike contract.  This to include ordering, logos and distribution; including tournament, player and coach’s packages.
  • Negotiate for and order all soccer game and parent purchased soccer balls.
  • Work with Tournament Director on trophy and award requirements.
  • Handle ordering and distribution of player and coaches uniforms.  Work with vendors to see that this process runs smoothly and provide timely updates on back ordered items.
  • Attend monthly scheduled Board meetings and provide monthly Equipment Director Board report.

Fields Director

  • Interact with the Town of Danville regarding sports field scheduling, tournament play, user conflicts, etc.
  • Interact with other field owners/stakeholders for same as above, 32 total fields at this point.
  • Sit on Sports Alliance Board and represent Mustang.
  • Maintain relationships with other sports field users, i.e. Scorpion Lacrosse, TVLL, DLL, etc.
  • Responsible for all on field equipment:  goals, nets, flags, etc.
  • Oversee practice scheduling.
  • Oversee regular league scheduling.
  • Oversee maintenance of fields.
  • Negotiate user fee increases with Town.
  • Attend monthly scheduled Board meetings and provide monthly Fields Director Board report.


  • Advise board of proper procedure under Robert’s Rule of Order.
  • Assure that CYSA and Mustang bylaws are followed.
  • Provide objective advice to the Board based on years of experience on the Mustang Board.
  • Assist the President as needed.
  • Attend monthly scheduled Board meetings and provide monthly Parliamentarian/Historian Board report.

Referee Director

  • Supervise the Mustang referee program.
  • Represent the Mustang official’s community on the Board and report on issues regarding referee training, referee availability, game coverage, etc.
  • Appoint and chair the Mustang Referee Management committee (assignors, instructors, mentors, and youth program).
  • Recruit and train referees.  Facilitate Referee Licensing classes.
  • Encourage and promote the growth in number and improvement in quality of the Mustang referee pool (referee retention).  Encourage referees to upgrade.
  • Coordinate the scheduling of referees to assure appropriate game coverage.
  • Represent Mustang at District referee meetings.
  • Supervise the timely compensation of referees and maintenance of the Mustang referee website.
  • Provide methods to recognize good performance.
  • Communicate game problems to the General Manager, tournament directors and Mustang Board as appropriate in a timely manner.  Provide input into disciplinary matters that may result.
  • Sit as a member of the Honor the Game Committee, with Division Director, Vice President and Director of Coach & Player Development to consider disciplinary matters that come before that committee.
  • Provide referee liason to tournament committees in order to coordinate referee scheduling at tournament events.
  • Communicate changes to the laws of the game to the Mustang membership.
  • Attend monthly scheduled Board meetings and provide monthly Referee Director Board reports.

Director of Coaching and Player Development

  • Provide services in the areas of player and coach development and corporate sponsorship.
  • When requested, will act as spokesman and/or representative of Mustang.
  • Work directly with members of Mustang’s Board of Directors and will report directly to the Executive Committee (President, Vice President, Treasurer).
  • Cooperate with Mustang and participate in any and all reasonable promotional activities of Mustang, which will in the opinion of Mustang promote the welfare of Mustang and to cooperate in the promotion of the League and youth soccer generally.
  • Agree that his picture may be taken for still photographs, motion pictures or television at such times as Mustang may designate and agree that all rights in such pictures shall belong to Mustang and may be used by Mustang for publicity purposes in any manner it desires.
  • Develop relationships with local college soccer programs and coaches for the benefit of Mustang Soccer.
  • Develop relationships with coaches from other clubs for the benefit of Mustang Soccer.
  • Develop relationships with local businesses for potential sponsorship opportunities.
  • Attend monthly Board meetings and provide a monthly Director of Coaching and Player Development report by the Friday prior to each meeting.
  • Attend select tournaments for the benefit of Mustang Soccer.
  • Provide professional opinion and advice to Mustang Soccer regarding how best to position the Club with regards to the various organizations:  CYSA-North, and US Club Soccer.










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