Mustang Futsal FAQ

  1. How long do we play on a Sat. or Sun?   Each age group plays for an hour.
  2. How long does the Futsal League run?  It runs for 6 weekends.  During the holidays, there will be breaks (ex: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Easter, etc...) in the schedule to accomodate vacations/time away. 
  3. Is there a Fall, Winter, and Spring Futsal season?  Yes!  Fall runs from Nov. to Jan.  Winter runs from Jan. to Feb.  Spring runs from March to April.  Each are 6 weekends in duration with some holiday breaks. 
  4. Do we play on Saturday and Sundays?    The schedule is based on players attending one of the days each weekend, either Saturdays or Sundays.  We know that families schedules can be hectic, so if you usually attend Saturdays but can’t make it; feel free to attend Sunday to make up your missed day (vice versa if your preferred date is Sundays).
  5. Can a team attend at the same time?  Yes, attend at the same day and time and let the coach know you are there to play together.
  6. How are teams formed?  Teams are formed each weekend, based on who is attending. Coaches have pinnies and will put the teams together.   If players want to play with each other, they just need to let the coaches know.
  7. Do we have practices during the week?  No, we don’t have practices.   Teams play and coaching points are made during the session. 
  8. Do teams need parent coaches?  No, there are Mustang coaches that are managing/running the sessions.  Coaching points are made throughout the session, so the kids can apply what they learn immediately.
  9. What uniform/equipment do the players need to wear?  Shinn guards, soft soled shoes (not the color black, as it leaves marks on the floor), shirt, socks, and shorts.  Also, bring water to drink during the session.  The kids are running quite a bit; they need to stay hydrated. 
  10. Do I need to register my son or daughter with US Futsal Federation (USFF) for insurance?  Yes, this is required for each player.  This insures the player (provides secondary insurance) and also covers any accidental damage to the facility that may occur.  The facilities we are using require this insurance coverage.  Players must be registered with USFF prior to the first day attending.
  11. Where do we play the Futsal sessions?    We play on indoor basketball courts.  We utilize School gyms that are local (Athenian and Charlotte Wood).  We provide the goals, Futsal balls, and pinnies. 
  12. My children are advanced soccer players; is there going to be competitive groups? Yes!  There will be competitive and non-competitive groups.  If they have the skills, can they play with the older groups?  Yes!  Whichever group they have the skills/abilities to play and are comfortable playing with.  The coaches can make recommendations as well.
  13. My children are new to Futsal.  Will you show them the basics and give them insight on the rules and how to play Futsal?  Yes, definitely!  There are new players every year.  Within a couple weekends, they will feel comfortable playing and have lots of fun. 
  14. We use the Mustang Soccer Fall league Soccer age groups. So if they are U8 now, they will continue to play in that same age group for Futsal.  
  15. My son/daughter is playing High School Soccer.  Can they play Futsal at the same time?  Yes!  This is 5 a side game, so it does not conflict with HS playing rules. 

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