Recreational age groups U6 Ponies, U7, U8 & U9/U10 to U17-U19 and Recreational Plus U9/U10 - U15/U16


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Recreational (Rec) and Recreational Plus (Rec Plus) are the largest divisions of Mustang Soccer League with 65% of all players participating at this level of play.  


  • There are no tryouts for the Recreational division.
  • Teams are formed around the school/zone codes of the coach and players. Generally there can be several school/zone combinations on a team.
  • The Recreational program starts with practices two days a week.
  • Recreational soccer is age pure for U6, U7, and U8. Older age groups are formed at two-year intervals with teams at U9/10, U11/12, U13/14, and U15/U16 and U17-U19.
  • It is a 10-game season and games are played on the weekends that can include some Sunday games.

U6 Ponies: The U6 Pony league is our introductory league and teams do not practice during the week. Teams meet once a week for a warm up, scrimmage, and a snack. Click here for more information on the Mustang Ponies.

U7 & U8: League games begin on the weekend of September 8th and are completed by the last weekend in October.

Junior Academy:  The academy is an alternative to recreational soccer for our younger players.  This training is modeled after youth training in Europe.  Click here for more information on the the Junior Academy.

U9/U10-U13/14: League games begin on the September 8th and culminate with the Dick King End-of-Season Tournament which runs at the beginning of November.

U15/U16: League games begin on the weekend of September 8th and culminate with the Dick King End-of-Season Tournament which runs from November 4th to November 11th. Depending on the number of U16 teams in each gender, U16 may play within Mustang or they may play as part of the Copper division and play teams in District 3.

U17-U19: League games begin on the weekend of September 8th and culminate with the Dick King End-of-Season Tournament which runs from November 4th to November 11th. Recreational U17-U19 teams play in the Copper division and compete with teams outside of Mustang, in District 3.

Age Group Coordinators: Your AGC is your resource for questions pertinent to your age group/gender. They are also responsible for coach recruitment. You can access the list of AGCs by clicking HERE


School/Zone Codes: Your school and zone code tells the League where your player attends school and the area in which you live. This information is used for team formation so it is important that it is correct. Click here

Coach Background Checks:  All NEW head and assistant coaches must complete a LIVE SCAN fingerprint background check for Mustang. Click here for more information on Coach Background Checks. 

Player Registration: To play in the Recreational league you must complete an online League registration for your player. No further action is necessary to be placed on a Recreational or Recreational  Plus team. To start the process, click here.

Coach Registration: All Recreational head and assistant coaches must register separately from thier player to be considered for a coaching position.  To register as a coach or assistant coach click here.

Recreational Plus: The Rec Plus program is available to Recreational U9-U16 players. It is a single registration and you must register in the appropriate age group for Rec Plus.  Go to the Rec Plus page for a full program description.

Team Formation Requests: Because of the size of the Recreational division, the league is unable to accommodate any coach, team, practice schedule, carpool, or after school care requests. The only way to guarantee placement on a specific team is to be part of the coaching team (one head coach and two assistant coaches) or if you are one of the eligible protected players from last year’s team.  You may make one sibling or friend request but no requests are ever guaranteed.  If you list more than one friend request, only the first name will be considered.




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