2020 Competitive Premier Trainers

All U11-U19 Competitive Premier teams have the opportunity to choose a professional Mustang trainer that they would like to work with for the duration of their playing season. At the beginning of the season, each Premier team head coach should reach out directly to a trainer from the approved list below to check their availability. Once the team and trainer have agreed to work together for the weekly training sessions throughout the season, they need to notify the Competitive Premier Registrar.

*Note: all U9-U10 teams will have a trainer assigned to them by the Mustang Soccer Directors.

To contact and choose a Mustang approved professional trainer, please see the "Coaching Staff" page for the list of our Competitive Elite coaches.  These trainers are approved based on their experience and working knowledge of the Mustang Soccer curriculum. These trainers are held accountable to the training regimen supplied by the Mustang Soccer Directors and as a result, they are expected to ensure that our Competitive Premier teams receive the proper training according to age specific guidelines.

If your team would like to use a trainer from outside the club, please contact Fred Wilson. If your trainer of choice is approved, understand that they will be held to the same contract stipulations as the Mustang trainers and they must be formally registered with the club for liability purposes.

Training Camp and Weekly Training Sessions with Professional Trainer

Training camp: Camp occurs in the summer and should take place over 5 days for 2 hours per day.

Weekly training sessions:  # of sessions depends on age group but will average around 12-16 training sessions for the season. Each session is 1.5 hours.

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