Mustang Soccer COVID-19 Protocols 2020


Mustang Soccer Complex Social Distance Video Processes and Protocols 

Following is a set of guidelines that have been implemented to return to play under the current Contra Costa County Health order.  These return to play guidelines are a product of guidance from US Soccer, the Elite Clubs National League(ECNL) and best practices created by Mustang soccer.

 June 5th, 2020 County Health Order here

June 5th, 2020 Appendix C-2 This appendix clearly explains that a child may only participate in one extra curricular activity at a time for a three week period

Mustang Soccer requests that any player currently involved in another extra curricular program is 10 days clear of their current program before joining the Mustang soccer camps program.  This is a Mustang policy to encourage minimal interaction with multiple groups as we continue to work to eradicate COVID-19

US Soccer Return to Play Guidelines

Elite Clubs National League Return to Play Guidelines

Mustang Soccer Participation Waiver

Contact Tracing Process

Return to Work/Play Protocols

Out of State Travel Protocols




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