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Mustang Tournaments



TOURNAMENT HOTLINE  925-648-4121 EXT. 15


Mustang Stampede Tournaments have provided over 34 years of top level soccer experiences.  Our tournaments are among the best in the Western Region and growing every year.  Come be challenged and enjoy Northern California.

Mustang Soccer runs many tournaments and soccer events throughout the year. All Mustang Soccer tournaments are high quality events offering the best levels of competition. Mustang Soccer tournaments are dependent on the many Mustang family volunteers that put in countless hours to make the tournaments successful and enjoyable for all participants. All tournaments are held in the Danville and Alamo areas with easy access to hotels, restaurants, and business centers.

You can find information about each event by clicking on the appropriate Tournament link to the left. Each event has its own registration page associated with the event.

2014 Mustang Tournament Schedule:

Mustang Girls Stampede U9 - U11 presented by Nike - July 19-20   NEW EVENT FOR MUSTANG SOCCER!

The U9 - U11 Girls being held in July will be using the 2014/2015 season calendar.  If you are going to be playing U9, U10, or U11 in August, that is the age group you will apply for in this event.  The U9 - U11 games will all be played in the 8v8 format.

Mustang Girls Stampede U12 - U15 presented by Nike - August 9-11  PLEASE NOTE:  AGE GROUP CHANGE

Mustang Boys Stampede presented by Nike - Aug 22-24

Mustang Saddleback Tournament - September  27-28

Mustang Dick King Tournament - November 8 through November 16

Mustang Tournament of Champions - November 22 - 23

Mustang 6v6 Shootout - U8 - U12 Boys and Girls / Competitive and Recreational Levels.  Girls play December 13 - Boys play December 14

Mustang Winter Turf - January 3 - 4, 2015